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Bail Hearings

Bail Hearings are a critical first step in the process after arrest. It is very important that individuals arrested by police get in contact with a criminal lawyer as soon as possible so they can receive immediate legal advice and assistance with the bail hearing. Without proper assistance individuals can be detained in custody for a lengthy time without having been convicted. Maureen has successfully obtained bail for clients in numerous cases.

Call now if you or a loved one has just been arrested. Maureen can assist in securing a negotiated release or can attend and assist with the bail hearing.

Drug Offences

All drug charges are serious. Convictions can result in significant jail time. You will have a criminal record which may prevent you from travelling or getting certain jobs. It is important that you have the advice and help of an experienced lawyer. Don’t just plead guilty because the Crown offered you a deal on your first appearance.

Some drug charges can be successfully defended through Charter applications to exclude the evidence. This is a highly technical area of the law and requires a skilled, knowledgeable lawyer. Maureen has defended drug cases from simple possession to possession for the purpose, trafficking and cultivation of many substances.


This can range anywhere from common assault, assault causing bodily harm, to aggravated assault. Even a conviction for a minor assault results in a criminal record. Don’t just plead guilty to get it out of the way. Maureen has dealt with many of these types of charges and sometimes they can be resolved without a criminal record attaching. Other times, there may be defences to these charges such as self- defence or consent.


Serious Violent Offences

These include aggravated assault, robbery, break and enter, murder, manslaughter and weapons charges.

Violent crimes are some of the most serious. If you are convicted of a violent crime you will most likely be facing jail time. It is essential that you have an experienced defence counsel to fight for you and protect your rights. These files are often lengthy and complex. Maureen has the knowledge and trial experience to prepare and conduct these files. 

Domestic Offences

These offences are unlike other offences because charges are often laid after only a statement from the complainant and nothing else. In addition you may be faced with strict bail conditions of no contact which in effect mean that you are evicted from your own home. When faced with this, it is tempting to plead guilty just to get it over with. Don’t plead guilty without having obtained legal advice. Maureen has dealt with numerous domestic files and can help you protect your rights. She can also help you to get onerous bail conditions modified.


Sexual Offences

These charges cover a wide range of allegations. They are particularly serious for the stigma they carry for an accused once a charge of sexual assault has been laid. Even if the allegations are false, the destructive consequences have already changed your life. That is why you need an experienced criminal lawyer who will be with you, fighting for your reputation.

These offences also include internet luring and child pornography. if you are charged with these offences you need a criminal defence counsel who knows how to defend against this type of electronic/ social media evidence.

Some sexual offences carry mandatory minimums and registration with the sex offender registry. Maureen can explain these provisions to you in detail so you know what you are facing.


Theft, Fraud, Forgery & White Collar Crime

These charges range from shoplifting, bad cheques, to serious and large scale schemes. There are a wide range of ways to tackle these charges and Maureen has extensive experience dealing with these. She will help you find the defence in sometimes voluminous case material and will take the time to review the evidence with you.


Youth Criminal Justice Act

Anyone under the age of 18 who is charged with a criminal offence is prosecuted under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Maureen spent her early years as a prosecutor in the Youth Court and knows the special procedures and guidelines when youth are prosecuted. She takes these cases as seriously as her adult offenders and vigorously defends them as often there is insufficient evidence to prove the charges. As well, even though youth records are sealed, it is always best never have a criminal record at all.


Mental Health Law

Maureen regularly appears before the Mental Health Review Board and Provincial Mental Health Review Panels. If you or a loved one are appearing before these Boards you need the help of a qualified defence lawyer who can represent your interests at the hearing. As well Maureen understands the devastation that mental health issues can cause and treats every client with empathy and compassion.


Driving Offences / DUI

All charges relating to alcohol and driving are serious, regardless of whether you were pulled over in a checkstop or involved in an accident. Immediate licence suspensions are in effect and if convicted you will likely face a longer driving suspension. This is a highly technical area of the law and you need a defence lawyer to carefully review your case with you. Maureen has successfully defended many of these cases.

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