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Maureen is a Criminal Defence Lawyer who regularly appears before the Mental Health Review Board in Calgary and the Alberta Provincial Mental Health Review Panels. If you or a loved one are appearing before these Boards you need the help of a qualified defence lawyer who can represent your interests at the hearing. As well Maureen understands the devastation that mental health issues can cause and treats every client with empathy and compassion.

Maureen comments on the Matthew de Grood case, as he is about to appear before the Alberta Review Board (ARB) at the Calgary Courts Centre for a hearing. (Global News, July 11, 2016).
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Mental Health Diversion Program

In Calgary and surrounding areas, the Mental Health Diversion Program is available to adults and adolescents with a mental illness who are charged with minor, low-risk offences. It is set up to provide care, support and treatment as an alternative to being prosecuted by the criminal justice system. More about the Mental Health Diversion Program.

Fitness to Stand Trial

An accused has a right to a fair trial at all stages of the case. As part of this, it is necessary that the an accused is able to participate meaningfully in the trial. In other words, that the person understands the basics of the process. It is necessary to understand the nature of the proceedings and the possible consequences and to be able to communicate with counsel to seek and receive legal advice. This is the test for fitness to stand trial in the criminal courts. More about one's Mental Fitness to Stand Trial.

Not Criminally Responsible Due to Mental Illness

To be convicted of a crime in Canada a person must be able to understand that their behaviour was wrong. That is, he or she cannot be convicted if the person was suffering from a mental disorder that rendered him or her incapable of appreciating the nature and quality of the act or omission or of knowing that it was wrong. This is the NCR Defence, or "Not Criminally Responsible". More about the NCR Defence.








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