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Calgary Criminal Lawyer FAQs

I have been charged with an offense in Calgary, what do I do?

If you are in custody, you are entitled to immediate legal advice as to what your rights are. Maureen can give you that advice and help you with your bail hearing. Call Maureen if you have been arrested.

If you are out of custody, call today for a free consultation. You should do it while the events are fresh in your mind and before your first court appearance. Bring all the documents you have been given by the police to the meeting. Do not talk to anyone about the events and do not post anything on social media.

I have not been charged with an offence, but the police have asked me to come in and give a statement, what do I do?

You should get legal advice to understand your rights before you have any dealings with the police. Maureen frequently advises clients in this situation and interfaces with the police on their behalf. Call Maureen if you have been called by the police.

I have not been charged with an offence, but I think I might be under investigation, what do I do?

You should get legal advice. The police have a variety of investigative techniques that they use to investigate offences. Maureen is frequently consulted in these circumstances and can give you concrete advice. Call Maureen if you think you are under investigation.

Do I need to attend all my court dates personally?

Maureen will attend all court appearances on your behalf, once you have retained her. She may ask you to sign a Designation of Counsel Form which is filed with the Court. However, you are required to personally attend any trial or preliminary hearings and, sentencing, if you are convicted. If you are a Youth, you generally must attend personally.

Do I need to go for fingerprinting as stipulated in my release documents?

Yes, you must go for fingerprinting. If the charges are withdrawn or you are found not guilty, your fingerprints will be destroyed. Maureen will write a letter, on your behalf, to the Calgary City Police, requesting destruction of your fingerprints and photograph.

What is disclosure?

Disclosure is the Crown's case against you. It is the evidence that the Crown will be relying on to prove the case against you. It contains witness statements, police notes, video evidence, photos, expert reports and other documents such as search warrants. Generally disclosure takes 2- 3 weeks to come. Once disclosure is received, Maureen will review it with you to determine the strength of the case against you and help you determine the next step in your defence.

I just want to get it over with and plead guilty.

A guilty plea results in a criminal record which may affect you if you need a criminal record check for a job or volunteer activity or you want to travel internationally. Although it may seem expedient to you, it may affect your job or travel prospects for a long time.








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