How a Youth Criminal Lawyer Can Help You 

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If you are a youth in Calgary, aged 12-17, and are accused or charged with a crime, you need a good criminal lawyer to help you deal with the police, the courts, and the legal process.

You need a lawyer who knows criminal law

A lawyer who does a lot of criminal law knows the rules that must be followed in criminal cases and is more likely familiar with the Calgary Court procedures.

 You also need a lawyer who knows The Youth Criminal Justice Act 

Because of their age and maturity level, youth are considered more dependent on others for their well-being than adults are, and the legal system considers that they are entitled to special treatment at all stages of the criminal process.

Because the law treats young people differently than it treats adults, an experienced youth criminal lawyer is better equipped to defend you and to ensure all of your rights as a youth are being protected throughout the process.

What your lawyer can do for you

A youth criminal lawyer will review your case thoroughly and identify any evidentiary or other problems that may have occurred during the investigation.  If you are convicted the lawyer will ensure a fair and just sentence that takes into account the reduced level of awareness and responsibility of youth, and ensure you get the full benefit of all your special rights as a youth at every stage of your case, from getting released from custody, to getting a fair trial, to ensuring any sentence you may receive is as minor as possible.

Who does a youth lawyer work for?

When a lawyer is hired for a youth client, the lawyer works for the youth. This is true even if a parent, another adult, or Legal Aid pays the lawyer.

This means that your lawyer’s job is to get the best legal result for you, not to do what your parents or other adults want.

You make decisions with your lawyer

With your lawyer’s help and advice, you make the decisions about your case, not your parents, your social worker, your youth worker, or anyone else.

You don’t have to follow your lawyer’s advice. But remember that their advice is based on special knowledge and experience.

Make sure you understand what your lawyer is suggesting and why they’re suggesting it.  If you disagree with something, tell your lawyer and work together until you agree on how to proceed.

If you have been accused or charged with a crime in Calgary and need an experienced youth criminal lawyer, contact Maureen McConaghy.