How Calgary Police Address the Issue of Youth Gangs

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Calgary’s Gang Strategy

​​The Calgary Police Service is committed to stopping the violence and preventing the criminal activities of gangs. They have developed The Organized Crime Operations Centre (OCOC) to coordinate the extensive resources required to confront the gang problem head-on.

By exchanging intelligence, techniques and proven strategies with other North American cities that have successfully addressed gang crime and violence, the Calgary Police Service has introduced a comprehensive plan to suppress gang activity.  More here …

Working with Youth at Risk of Crime in Calgary

Several long-standing programs aimed at youth have been ideal vehicles for preventative work on gangs, including the YARD program and having School Resource Officers in Calgary schools.

The Youth at Risk Development Program (YARD) is a community-based early intervention initiative that supports youth who are at risk of gang involvement.

YARD works with youth aged 10-17 who are currently at risk, affiliated with a gang or involved in gang activity. Youth participation in YARD is voluntary. YARD teams, consisting of a police officer and a registered social worker, work closely with youth, their families, schools and community agencies. YARD works to develop an individualized case plan that is family centered in order to help youth at risk avoid or escape the gang life style.

The Calgary Police Service wants to help people get out of gangs. If you need help or if you know someone who does, contact the Calgary Gang Help Line at 403-428-8191. You can also talk to your school counsellor.

Youth involved in gangs can also talk to a counsellor confidentially 24/7 by calling the Kids Help Phone​ at 1-800-668-6868. The Kids Help Phone will offer advice on any problems or concerns they may have. More information on Calgary youth programs and resources here.

A Calgary Defence Lawyer Can Protect Youth From Gang-Related Criminal Charges

While no criminal defence lawyer can prevent the Calgary Police from laying a charge of gang affiliation against you, a lawyer can help you deal with the charge with experience handling gang-related cases will have much greater familiarity with Alberta’s gang laws and with the procedures followed by Calgary law enforcement when it comes to investigating gang suspects. This knowledge helps the lawyer present a more effective defence strategy.

In many instances, an effective Calgary defence lawyer will be able to have your gang-related charges dismissed before they even reach the Calgary courts. When a case proceeds to trial, the right lawyer will argue on your behalf, providing you with a rigorous legal defence against your charges and working to protect your rights and your interests.

Contact Calgary Youth Defence Lawyer Maureen McConaghy Today

Having immediate legal representation from an experience criminal defence lawyer during the juvenile detention hearing process could mean the difference between seeing your child in your home or in a detention center. Parents can contact Maureen’s Calgary law office immediately if their child or a youth they know has been arrested and accused of a crime.  A young person also has the right to contact a defence lawyer directly.

Maureen understands the consequences that a juvenile mistake can have on the future of a young person.  She knows the importance of a juvenile offender learning their lesson without having a criminal record that costs them the bright future they deserve.