Calgary Criminal Lawyer Helps Youth Charged with Drug Crimes

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As drugs have become more readily available and less expensive in Calgary, we are seeing an increase in drug use and related crimes among youth.

Calgary Adolescent Treatment Services has indicated that overall youth drug use is on the increase, especially crystal meth, which is readily available and cheap on the street.

Staff Sgt. Mark Hatchette with the Calgary Police strategic and drug enforcement units, says both fentanyl and crystal meth are easy to find, cost only about $10 a hit, and are highly addictive. “Crystal meth is a real stimulant, so we’re seeing that connected to a lot of crime, car theft, break and enters,” he said. (Source:

If You Are Charged with a Drug Crime

If you are charged with a drug crime, or drug related crime, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced criminal defence lawyer. A lawyer can help you in your dealings with the police. Often your arrest is not the last dealings you will have with the police. An experienced defence counsel can advise you on police investigative practices and what you may expect. Further, if you have a drug dependancy issue, discuss that with your lawyer. It may affect your case. As well, your lawyer can suggest resources that may help you.

How a Criminal Defence Lawyer Can Help Youth Charged with Drug Crimes

An experienced youth criminal defence lawyer can help …

  1. Answer questions about your case:
    You may have questions about not only the crime you have been charged with, but about the youth criminal justice system. Your lawyer can provide insights on the implication of a crime and how it may impact your youth and adult years.
  2. Defend your case:
    Your lawyer will review the evidence against you and make sure that your Charter rights have been taken into account, that the police had a warrant or other valid reason to search or arrest you, and that you are not being treated as though your rights are less important than those of an adult.
  3. See if diversion programs are applicable to your case:
    As a youth you may be eligible for various alternatives to the criminal justice system. These include counselling, writing letters of apology, community service and restitution. Your lawyer can be an advocate for diversion programs in your case.
  4. Access education and rehabilitation programs

If you are incarcerated, your lawyer will fight hard to ensure your sentence is shorter and will focus more on rehabilitation and education.

Contact a Criminal Defence Lawyer

If you are facing drug-related charges in Calgary and would like to consult with a lawyer, please contact Maureen McConaghy for a free initial interview.